Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (TIC)

Migration and Societal Change

Humans on the Move

Migration is a pressing societal challenge and a human phenomenon that needs to be critically tackled through interdisciplinary perspectives: this is precisely what TIC aims to offer!

Questions around migration are placed high on the political and legal agendas with both domestic (November 2023) and European elections (June 2024) coming up. In an attempt to potentially focus on formal power holders and/or on civil society and non-state actors, students will contribute to a deeper understanding of migration dynamics and will participate in the development of innovative projects or solutions to current societal challenges.

This will be based on an educational pedagogy that lets the students work together by combining a human rights angle with conflict and security studies as well as citizenship or even data science approaches. Additionally, the topic of migration will be placed into a larger historical framework to include e.g. (post)colonial constellations and it will be approached from a transnational perspective that sees Europe as co-constituted by and entangled with other regions of the world.

Some potential themes within this TIC may be citizenship and integration, the use of algorithms, human rights-related issues, political framing and disinformation, or the various ways governments have been responding to migration trends.

Have a look at the video on the Migration and Societal Change website.