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Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (TIC)

About TIC

Lampjes en raderenToday’s world faces a lot of complex societal problems. These problems demand the input of multiple academic disciplines. Therefore, in the TIC course, students and professionals will be challenged and trained to become interdisciplinary and innovative problem solvers that contribute to solutions for real-world and complex societal problems.

Starting February 2021 the Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (TIC) is an elective 7.5 ECTs course for year-3 Bachelor students, Master students and professionals from different disciplines. The course will promote interdisciplinary and cross-level collaboration while solving real-world challenges within the strategic themes of Utrecht University.

The course will offer a mix of (guest) lectures, interviews, workshops and discussions. In interdisciplinary groups of 4-5 students and professionals, you will learn to apply theoretical knowledge in order to solve real-world challenges. You can find the program of the course here.

One line of workshops will guide you through different stages from defining to solving the problem. The solution could be a prototype, a video, a symposium, a policy document, etc.Another line of workshops will be directed towards (inter)personal and professional development. The course format creates a space to use your curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity to come up with innovative ideas that contribute to the needs of today’s society.

The upcoming course will offer three Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenges (TICs):

You will be able to make a meaningful contribution to all challenges; they are interdisciplinary and welcome students and professionals from all backgrounds. However, you can only participate in one of these three challenges. You will be asked to choose two Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenges of your preference. We will try our best to assign you to the TIC of your choice.