Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (TIC)

Green Teens (Dynamics of Youth)

Green Teens

Many teens and young adults are concerned about environmental problems. Some even strike for the climate and ask politicians to do more to counter the global climate crisis. However, teens often fail to translate their concerns into specific everyday ‘green’ behaviour that helps to preserve the environment. Which changes in behavior are effective for achieving the climate goals? What kind of effects could these changes have for our (mental) health? And what motivates young people to behave accordingly?

And, just as important, how do we involve young people in the discussion about their own ‘green’ future, regardless of educational level or cultural background (Rights of the Child 12 & 13)? How can they be inspired to take action to accomplish desired changes? And which instruments, institutions or communication channels can be used to achieve these aims?

Have a look at the Green Teens website for more detailed information.