Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (TIC)


dr. Salvatore F. Nicolosi
Teacher for Migration
"The TIC course is a unique opportunity to test how interdisciplinary skills and knowledge can contribute to finding a solution to major societal and global challenges."
Heleen van Ravenswaaij
Educational scientist and advisor
“The TIC course is important to me, because it creates room for developing professional skills in an innovative university context. I hope to play a part in preparing participants for their role in society and to stimulate them to become the person they want to be.”
dr. Lorena Sosa
Course coordinator
"Stepping outside of the classroom and your core discipline to address a societal problem is probably the best learning experience one can have at any University. In the TIC course you do so, while also interacting with students from different faculties, professionals, and civil organisations. A unique learning opportunity!"
Maria van der Harst
Member of the development team and teacher
“If there was TIC when I was a student, I would have loved to participate! TIC offers students and professionals the opportunity to team up and tackle cutting-edge problems in collaboration with societal partners. Through a combination of ingredients: the focus on real world challenges, the hands-on approach, and the interdisciplinary team work, we hope to provide participants with a transformative learning experience.”
dr. Dani Heesterbeek
Teacher for OneHealth
"I look forward to guiding participants in their analysis of complex, societal problems and to see how they bring in their own expertise to contribute to an interdisciplinary problem-solving process within TIC."
dr. Yolanda van Beek
Course coordinator
"In the TIC course you not only learn by working together with students from other disciplines, but you also learn how to apply knowledge from your own discipline to current complex social issues. The Dynamics of Youth theme aims to involve youth in achieving the 'sustainable development goals'; these goals concern their future and your own!"
Jenna Spitzer
Teacher for Green Teens
"In the TIC course, we do not only identify problems, but also try to do something about them. I am curious to see the solutions students come up with and the process they go through to get there."
Anne Margit Reitsema
Teacher Green Teens
"What I really like about the TIC course is that students from different disciplines collaborate with each other. I strongly believe that a holistic approach leads to more balanced solutions to societal problems, which is essential for achieving sustainable progress."