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Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (TIC)

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What is TIC?

TIC is a course for year-3 Bachelor students, Master students and lifelong learners from all disciplines and backgrounds. The course will promote interdisciplinary and cross-level collaboration while solving a real-world problem.

The course allows you to experience how your knowledge and specific skills can be used in the search and implementation of solutions for pressing social issues. Substantive background knowledge is not required.

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From February 7 until April 15 (period 3 – time slot A/D) we will offer TICs in collaboration with societal partners related to the following four challenge themes:

Drowning Deltas

Sunset on the river

Contesting Governance

Woman with a hand print on her mouth, demonstrating violence on women. Woman protesting against domestic violence with group in background.

Green Teens

Teenagers wear gloves and carry garbage bag

Responsible Foods