Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (TIC)


Hear about past participants’ experiences in the TIC course:


Insights from a former TIC Professional

I was part of the first cohort of the Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge organised by Utrecht University and would highly recommend participating in this course! I joined the programme as a professional and have found it to be a very valuable and inspiring experience for my personal and professional development. I was part of the Oxfam Novib project that challenged my group to consider how to involve young people more in the dialogue around climate injustice. Working as a curator in arts and culture, this challenge really dove into an area that was new for me. The TIC course truly helped me in exploring what the value of my creative background can be when working on wicked problems and to transfer my knowledge from the field of the arts to the more applied field of the social sciences and sustainability.

It was great to work with an interdisciplinary team of students from psychology, sustainability, biology and computer sciences. It opened my eyes to realising how important it is to work in interdisciplinary teams to tackle complex social problems, as a perspective from only one field often does not capture the complexity and backgrounds of all the stakeholders involved. Our partner Oxfam was very engaged and actively contributed to the development of our ideas. It was great to work with an external partner knowing they may implement (part of) your proposed solution in the future!

Already before starting the TIC course, I had decided to start a master in public governance this fall, as I wanted to have the possibility to do something very much socially engaged and with a direct impact on society. The TIC course only reinforced this idea and made me realise that doing this master was really the right choice for me.

I hope you’ll enjoy the course as much as I did!